Pranic Weight Loss



How can Pranic Healing® help you lose weight & regain balance?








There are many reasons why we gain weight


 Often it is just lack of exercise, an unbalanced diet or, in some instances, there is an underlying problem on the physical plane. For example the proper assimilation or elimination of certain elements might be compromised - this is often linked to allergies or to toxicity in the body.


Any of these obstacles can be addressed and resolved with Pranic Healing® as it aims to detoxify and clear the whole system.




In other cases the root of the cause may lie on the mental/emotional sphere, such as past unpleasant experiences or a current unhappy situation. 


Emotions such as anger, jealousy, grief, guilt, fear and pain, as well as stress and worry are linked to overeating and, sometimes, food can be a way to block out the awareness of painful memories and uncomfortable emotions. Eating often brings some relief to a feeling of anxiety and it can also fill a void or lack of love.





Pranic Healing® can help in removing negative unwanted emotional/mental states and blockages that may be contributing to weight gain.


Will power, when taking the decision to lose weight, plays a crucial role as it is necessary for you to be constant and persistent in the intent.





Will power can be increased with Pranic Healing®.


Sometimes embarking on a diet only, without any other support, is not the ideal solution as it can lead to increased hunger and even more cravings.

Excessive appetite and cravings can be regulated with the help of Pranic Healing®






Your commitment


In order to achieve good and lasting results you are strongly advised to commit to a six - weeks regime: two sessions twice a week for three weeks followed by one session per week for three consecutive weeks.




Dietary recommendations and tips on how to achieve greater calmness, along with suggestions of physical exercises to keep you fit, are included in the Pranic Weight Loss Programme.




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