Relationship Healing




“When two people interact closely, there is friction.

The lubricant is Love

in the form of Loving Thoughts, Loving Feelings, Loving Words and

Loving Actions.”  MCKS



Successful long-term relationships involve ongoing effort and compromise by all involved.


A relationship, just like a plant, just like any living entity, needs constant nurturing, time and patience to grow and evolve.


Love, Patience, and Tolerance are some of the basic components of a healthy and strong relationship. Inevitably, obstacles, misunderstandings and emotional upheaval will occur but they can be overcome with effort and by establishing some healthy simple patterns.






More general information and suggestions can be gained during our Workshop "Healing Relationships" 


Alternatively you can book Individual 1:1 private sessions and/or Couple sessions.


The aim is to get to heart of the problems in a nurturing & safe environment and find gentle, holistic, practical and safe ways to make the necessary changes in order to reach the desired goals.


Pranic Healing & Pranic Psychotherapy sessions assist in the process by removing blockages and thought & behaviour patterns which prevent us from being ourselves and from being open to new & positive experiences.


The non invasive and relaxing sessions will help to identify your needs, your potential and your aspirations. You will be given simple but powerful tools & exercises to take home (to be practiced individually & as a couple) and use at your own pace. They will help you to focus, relax, whilst creating a harmonious environment.


Please do not hesitate to contact me for an informal brief telephone discussion, should you have any questions.