Mental & Emotional Detox and Balancing



When detoxifying the physical body, don’t forget the mental and emotional side of you.


We do not only accumulate toxic and diseased waste in our bodies, but also in our minds, in the form of negative thoughts, patterns and negative feelings.


In order to regain our balance - and thus health, we need to address all levels of our being. True balance can only be achieved when all our bodies, i.e. the mental, emotional and physical, are thoroughly cleansed and purified.



What happens if we only detoxify and purify our physical body? The effect of the cleansing will not last too long. Repetitive thoughts, worry, fears, anger and many more, will pull us down again because they influence the physical body and our general well-being. Soon after the physical cleanse we will feel again tired and sluggish or irritable and nervous and the mind starts racing again.


What we are now, is made of our present thoughts and believes and they come from our past experiences. If we had nice experiences, the memories imprinted in our emotional and mental bodies are positive and maybe useful for our growth and well-being in the form of positive and pleasant thoughts. What if the experiences were negative, if not traumatic? We will carry those terrible memories with us as well and they will influence our decisions, our character, our outlook on life.

Don’t you want to get rid of those sad and heavy memories as well? Once the negative aspects have been eliminated you regain your 'balance'.


Being in balance means to be calm, peaceful, focused and have good energy levels.


When we are in balance again, on all levels, we can be healthy and we experience pure joy and happiness.


De-toxify & Re-balance your mind with a 90 min Pranic Healing session!