Pranic Crystal Healing®  

= Pranic Healing + Crystals



Pranic Healing®, a form of Bio-Energy Healing, utilizes several techniques, among which also the natural power of crystals



It comprises:












Pranic Healing® is applied on the bio-electromagnetic field or energy body, - which is a mold or blueprint that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body - and which includes auras (energy fields), chakras (energy centres), meridians (energy channels) and nadis (channels).


Our well-being on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels depends on prana (energy) flowing freely to all parts of the energy body or bio-electromagnetic field. If the flow is interrupted or unbalanced, then physical illness or mental, emotional or spiritual problems may result as a consequence.

The aim is to identify and correct inappropriate energy patterns by releasing harmful blockages in order for the body to be able to regain balance.


The flow of prana can be regulated by acting directly on the chakras which are the main receptors and distributors of prana in the energy body.


Each of these chakras governs certain physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our being. They need to work at the right frequency and be in balance and work harmoniously together because a malfunction in one chakra affects all the others.





Crystals are potent tools to be used to achieve the desired balance in the energy body.


When the electromagnetic field of a crystal comes into contact with the human organism, it affects directly the activity of the chakras and the energy flow through the meridians. These are directly connected to the physical body, therefore, they in turn will affect the endocrine glands, the electrical nerve impulses and the metabolism of cells and organs.



Crystals have 3 essential properties:



1. Crystals have the power to hold energies:

They are subtle energy condensers, which means that they can absorb, store, project and focus pranic energy


2. The repeating chemical structure of crystals is said to invest them with a kind of memory:

It means that they are programmable


3. They are chakra activators




 The crystals are used on or next to the body to effect beneficial changes 
by eliminating negative and damaging energy,
by releasing stagnant or blocked energy and
by transforming destructive patterns.





Crystals are used in conjunction with regular Pranic Healing® treatments where appropriate and necessary.



They are very effective and powerful during a session to de-stress, de-tox, re-lax and re-energize & re-charge on all levels!