Pranic Feng Shui®


"When you have the right Feng Shui it is like climbing up in an escalator that is going up.

Your effort is magnified! Pranic Feng Shui allows you to make your life better."  MCKS 


Literally translated, Feng Shui means “wind and water”, two natural elements essential for life.


Nature has provided us with all we need. When in harmony with natural forces, our life flows in balance and rhythm,if we live against its principles, our life is in turmoil.




Feng Shui shows us how to live in balance with nature


In Pranic Feng Shui we create a healthy, positive and harmonious environment. We invite abundance, joy and balance in all aspects of our life.


Most of our time is spent inside our house or in the workplace.


It is important that spaces are clean, have a positive atmosphere and energy circulates freely between spaces.





Does your home and/or workplace reflect who you really are and where you want to be in life?



You might want to consider Pranic Feng Shui if:


  • •    You are experiencing blocks with your career or creativity
  • •    There are relationship issues at home or in the workplace
  • •    Someone within the space is having health problems on the physical or mental/emotional levels
  • •    Children suffer from behavioral problems, hyperactivity, insomnia, nightmares or have concentration problems 
  • •    You prefer being somewhere else rather than in your own home
  • •    You suddenly experience financial difficulties



How can we help you?


We can help you by removing stagnant and negative energy in your home and workplace. We can advise you on how to improve the flow of energy between spaces, to create a peaceful and healing atmosphere and how to improve your work performance, relationships and general well-being.


Obstacles need to be identified and eliminated to allow the creative energy to flow freely and harmoniously in all areas of our life, thus promoting health and success!




In detail we will:


1.    Look at the arrangement of a room and specific objects to ascertain their energy and how they affect you


2.    Determine optimum directions in different areas in the home and work space to enhance relationships and finances


3.    Detailed interior arrangement consideration, including the use of specific colours, objects and displays



Make your home and office work for you!



For an introduction into ways of detecting what is affecting your space and some simple techniques to correct them, join our 2-hour Workshop " Create your Clean, Powerful and Private Space".




For questions about a personal consultation at your home/ office, please contact us at : infoHE @






Fees may vary as they are calculated based on specific individual requirements (pre- purchase assessment/de-clutter/clearing & cleansing of spaces, objects and people etc.), on the distance to travel, the size & number of rooms of the building/ house/flat /grounds or the business/office and the time required to complete the task, based also on the amount of items/objects and furniture in the rooms.


As a general guideline, fees for a 1 bed flat start from £180, for a 2/3 bed from £250.

Remote sessions start from £95 for a 1 hour telephone or skype consultation.