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 During these challenging times I can offer support and guidance with any difficulties you might be facing right now


in order to bring peace, calmness, resilience, strength and positivity back into your life.



Please arrange a FREE CALL to discuss your situation and find out how I can help you.  








1:1 Mindfulness sessions


  Mindfulness in eight weeks


 I qualified from the UK College of Mindfulness Meditation on the Mindfulness Now Teacher Training approved by The British Psychological Society.


 The Mindfulness Now Programme integrates key elements of


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).


Both are evidence based and the latter is recommended by NICE.




What is Mindfulness?


"Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally.


And then I sometimes add, in the service of self-understanding and wisdom, " says Jon Kabat-Zinn, the creator of the Mindfulness Based stress Reduction.


Mindfulness training is learning how to refocus our attention to the present moment and away from what may have happened yesterday,


in the past or in the days or weeks to come.


Essentially, mindfulness training helps us to realize who we are, what we want and gain back the ability and the wisdom to decide


what is best for us.



Mindfulness training has a number of well-researched benefits and can help to:

  • Become more self-aware
  • Increase the ability to relax
  • Reduce pain levels and enhance the ability to cope with pain
  • Cope with difficult or unhelpful thoughts
  • Be kinder towards yourself
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Reduce Performance Anxiety
  • Feel more able to choose how to respond to thoughts and feelings
  • Greater energy and enthusiasm for life
  • An ability to cope more effectively with both short and long-term stressful situations
  • Be of support in chronic conditions
  • Reduce anger issues



Mindfulness is a way of life which enables us to live life to its full potential!




What does the Programme involve?


  • You will learn several very effective Meditation & Reaxation techniques.
  • You will learn how to appraise negative sensations (internally or externally) in a non-judgmental way, making it easier to deal with them.
  • You will be given guidelines on how to calm the mind and the inner chatter.
  • You will be shown Gentle Movement Excercises (optional).
  • You will learn why mindfulness is so effective for managing mental and physical health.
  • You will learn a number of brief, simple techniques that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine.



Who is it for?


Mindfulness training is useful for a broad range of people with diverse backgrounds, ages, interests and levels of well-being.


People self-refer or sometimes are referred by their doctors or psychologists because of physical and emotional stressors in their lives.


For people with job, relationship and family pressures, it can help with all kinds of day-today stress symptoms.


People who participate in Mindfulness Training develop skills to effectively cope with the myriad issues that cause distress on a regular basis.


Many enrol because, although they are feeling well physically, they say the pace of their lives is "out of control" or they're "just not feeling


quite right" and want more ease and peace.


Mindfulness training can enhance learning, concentration, creativity, personal resilience and professional effectiveness.


Recommended by the UK’s National Institute for Health and Excellence and prescribed by the NHS, Mindfulness is a method to help


 alleviate: Anxiety, depression, stress, pain, emotional trauma, sleep problems, restlessness, a busy mind......and more






If we keep our attention focused on the present, we can be sure of one thing,

namely that whatever we are attending to in this moment will change,

giving us the opportunity to practice accepting whatever it is

that will emerge in the next moment.

Clearly, there is wisdom in cultivating acceptance.

- Jon Kabat-Zinn -








Yoga Nidra sessions (online)


Yoga Nidra, a Sanskrit term meaning "yogic sleep", is a powerful guided technique to induce total physical, mental and emotional 


Yoga Nidra can be as restorative as sleep, while you remain fully conscious. 


Yoga Nidra brings us effortlessly into a state of harmonious, restful being. 




Benefits of Yoga Nidra


Aside from being relaxing, restorative and restful, studies have shown that Yoga Nidra can also:

  • Improve sleep 
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Alleviate stress
  • Help to increase clarity and focus  
  • Aid with emotional healing  
  • Help with chronic pain
  • Heighten awareness
  • Support brain function 
  • Improve memory  
  • Help to rework limiting beliefs, patterns and habits
  • Foster feelings of peace and calm
  • Help with hypertension


Yoga Nidra promotes inner harmony and enhances our ability to move forward in life. It invites you to treat every experience and every moment as an opportunity.


All you need is a comfortable mat or mattress on the floor, a blanket, pillow or maybe a bolster for your neck or whatever makes you more comfortable and helps you relax.


If you can't lie down on the floor, you can still do this practice seated.  All you need to do is find a comfortable position and let the teacher guide you through the different stages and........Just be!  



Online Group session are on Wednesdays.

Get in touch if iu are interested to join!

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This session is free but, if you enjoyed it, you can make a donation to my PayPal account (by using my email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and it shall be included in this month's regular tithing for the homeless or other people in need.  Please specify "donation" as a reference when making the payment.





More Benefits of Yoga Nidra


As a qualified Yoga Nidra teacher I also successfully use this practice in 1:1 therapy sessions to address stress and sleep problems, depression, anxiety and other mental-emotional imbalances. 


Due to the current situation, at present, all sessions are online only.


Should you wish to book a set of sessions to address some specific issues or just to help you reduce stress and feel more relaxed and more "yourself", please arrange a FREE CALL to discuss your personal needs.




Feedback & Reviews:


"Every time I am participating in Yoga Nidra, I am more able to relax, let go and drift off.
I am always amazed that a session feels so much shorter than it actually is.
It is a great tool to leave any stress and worries behind and just let yourself be guided into this great experience." 
“24 hrs later and I’m still feeling the benefits of Patrizia’s Yoga Nidra class yesterday.
Her gently guided instructions were immensely powerful and brought me to a place of peace and serenity after an exceptionally busy working week. 
I highly recommend taking one of her classes - it was amazing.”- Shirley
"The Yoga Nidra sessions with Patrizia have been very relaxing.
I feel more peaceful after each session and it has been a wonderful experience."



"Thank you for letting me take part.

I felt so fresh and like all my emotions and anxiety had been cleared after the session had finished.

​It was such a great experience.

I cannot wait for the next one​.​" '




"Total relaxation in a zoom,  letting your cares and worries go whilst checking in with your body,  a great way to unwind before the weekend.'














Meditation for Planetary Peace  OR  Meditation on Twin Hearts



 New studies have demonstrated the positive effects of meditation on the body.


Studies have shown substantial bodily changes as a consequence of regular meditative practice.


It has also been demonstrated that meditation can help with anxiety, pain and depression.  


Join us and experience 45 minutes of  inner peace and calmness that will affect your body and life on all levels.


Increase your awareness, your mental clarity, your inner and physical strength, as well as your creativity and contentment.




Atma Namaste!

You are invited to join us!

We meditate together, regularly, every week on
Mondays & Fridays at 18.30
This group is FREE and Open to all!

"When 7 people meditate in a group, the energy that is generated is equal to 100 people meditating individually." 

–Master Choa Kok Sui   

If you are interested, please get in touch for access to the live Group Meditation session 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Meditation on Twin Hearts is not intended to cure or prevent disease nor to replace professional medical care. 

The organizer is not held responsible for any negative effects of the meditation practice. 
People with heart, kidney, liver problems, with glaucoma, high blood pressure and pregnant women should not practice this meditation. 

This meditation is also not recommended for people under the age of 18, heavy meat eaters and smokers.















Pranic Face Lift® (PFL)



If you want to look better but at the same time also resolve old troubles and negative past events which are embedded in the cells of your body.....


The face is the first thing that people look at and it often reflects our internal state.


A troubled face reflects problems or struggle inside the mind and. If one experiences stress it can show on the face in the form of lines and wrinkles.  A person that is a constant worrier will have horizontal wrinkles in the forehead, and a unhappy person will show lines and wrinkles pointing downward on the side of the eyes.


On the contrary a happy person will have laughter lines that are pointing upward.


Pranic Face Lift ® (PFL) is known to easily and safely use the techniques of Pranic Healing® to help remove the stress, tension and traumas embedded in the face and body causing wrinkles and pre-mature aging.


It is a non invasive and no touch procedure which needs to be repeated in order to obtain continuous results.


The technique is based on the utilization of the universal life energy (prana) applied by means of a crystal to the face so that it becomes more supple, smooth, and thereby making it look more youthful and healthy


After the treatment recipients usually feel more relaxed and energized too.


The recipient can either sit or lie down. The treatment lasts around 90 minutesand can be done remotely. 




Feedback from clients: 


"I am having weekly Pranic Face Lift (PFL) treatments via Zoom.

After the second session, I could feel a big change on the emotional level.

I felt lighter and much better than I have felt for a long time.

The lightness has lasted, my outlook on life is more positive and I feel more motivated.

Some of the finer wrinkles have also improved after three sessions only, which of course further adds to my felling so much better." 













     C O U R S E S




1. Self Pranic Healing Course©   




For residents in the UK (Wales, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland)  a new online course certified by


the Institute for Inner Studies Inc. Manila




Learn powerful techniques and protocols to heal yourself and improve your well-being on all levels -


in just 1 day (or 2 half days) from the comfort of your home!




You will learn powerful Self-Healing Techniques to promote and accelerate your own Healing, namely how to

  • Release diseased or used up energy from your body
  • Get rid of negative emotions & thoughts
  • Energize and recharge yourself quickly
  • Increase your vitality
  • Be happier and more positive
  • Improve your mental energies
  • Increase your spiritual connection


Some of the Healing Techniques you will learn are

  • 2 Meditations
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Forgiveness Exercise
  • Physical Exercises 
  • Easy step by step Protocols for physical ailments



Participants must be 18 years or older to take this course.


Fee for new students: £125


Fee for students repeating this course: £65
Get in touch for more info and registration at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





 Feedback & Reviews:


" I really enjoyed the course and I look forward to taking better care of myself going forward and having that positive ebergy ripple through my family.

Thank you!"



" It was really easy to follow and the manual was self explanatory.

Patrizia was able to see whether we were following the protocol correctly, which gave me more confidence.

I was interested in self healing and I found that the course provided me with the necessary skills to achieve just that and all I need to do now is to continue practising."



"The two-half day Self Pranic Healing Course is an excellent one to start with for anyone who needs an introduction to Healing and to look after themselves.

The smaller group is a real advantage as you feel you can interact with the instructor and fellow participants much more. 

I enjoyed the course immensely, thank you!" 




"I truly enjoyed the classes.

I found the course interesting, helpful and energising.

I've learned so much!"



"The Self Pranic Healing course was deeply empowering.

The sessions contained a balance of both theoretical learning and practical exercises which helped consolidate the information.

I could feel the positive effects of the practices immediately!"




"I was not sure that having two 1/2 days for SPH and it being conducted via Zoom would be sufficient to get the full benefits of the course but I found that not to be the case."












2.  Basic Pranic Healing®  – level 1 Course


 Pranic Healing® is a simple, yet powerful and effective system of no-touch energy medicine

originated and developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui



All beings have an energy field around them, often known as the aura that looks like a luminous ball of light. Aura works like a battery; it keeps our body healthy and alive.


Anything in life that disturbs us, from bad weather, improper hygiene and malnutrition to stress, fear, sadness and frustrations makes this luminous energy field dimmer, imbalanced and full of holes and greyish


energies. This, in long run appears as pain, discomfort, physical and psychological problems.


To remain healthy, happy and in a good shape, we must take care of our energy body!


Just as we take a daily shower to keep the physical body clean, the energy body also needs cleansing to maintain a good health.


With Pranic Healing, we are able to detect the problems and imbalances in the aura and carefully remove them using a fairly simple technique that involves no touching, no drug and anyone can learn to do it.


Once the aura is balanced and bright, our well-being is guaranteed.


Pranic Healing provides the science behind living healthily, supported by tons and tons of researches and testimonials all around the world.


The different methods of cleaning and energizing the aura and chakras are all parts of Basic Pranic Healing workshop.


After the workshop you should be able to:


- Know the energetic anatomy, chakras and their physical functions

- Diagnose the affected chakras and parts of the aura through scanning that is a simple and powerful technique to feel the aura

- Do healing on yourself and others using step-by-step protocols

- Do distant healing in cases where the patient is not physically available

- Maintain a good health using comprehensive techniques

- Apply energetic hygiene by cutting the energy link between you and the patient after each session to avoid unnecessary contaminations

- Improve a wide range of physical ailments including headaches, heart ailments, gastrointestinal disorders and pains

- Do Meditation on Twin Hearts for peace and illumination


Basic Pranic Healing is designed for everyone, from students to engineers, doctors to housewives, parents to teachers as it introduces methods of healthy living.


People from all walks of life worldwide have learned and benefited from Pranic Healing. You can be one of them!

From www.globalpranichealing.com



Prerequisite: None

No previous experience is required 


  Decide to take your life “into your own hands” !



Upon completion of the 2-day course, you will receive a certificate of Pranic Healing Level 1 from the Institute for Inner Studies which allows you to practice immediately.








The Book





Information & Registration


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Superbrain Yoga Course


Pre-requisites: none


Duration : 3 hours


Certfified by The Institute for Inner Studies



Superbrain Yoga® energizes and activates the brain by using a technique which combines movement and breath to move the energy from the lower energy centres to the higher ones and viceversa.

The result is enhanced clarity and intellectual capacity and an increased sharpness in both memory and concentration.

Superbrain Yoga® is a technique based on principles of subtle energy and ear acupuncture.

It assists and enhances :

  • Focus
  • Memory
  • Learning
  • Intelligence and IQ
  • Mental sharpness
  • Calmness
  • It assists in reducing psychological stress and improving psychological stability.

Senior citizen looking to improve memory and children in classrooms are among those who can benefit from Superbrain Yoga®.

Pilot studies have been run on school children with problems such as ADHD/ADD and other learning disabilities, including autism.


Please read the articles and research & testimonial papers under 'Resources'


Registration: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

































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