Pranic Face Lift ® (PFL)



The face is the first thing that people look at and it often reflects our internal state.


A troubled face reflects problems or struggle inside the mind and. If one experiences stress it can show on the face in the form of lines and wrinkles.  A person that is a constant worrier will have horizontal wrinkles in the forehead, and a unhappy person will show lines and wrinkles pointing downward on the side of the eyes.


On the contrary a happy person will have laughter lines that are pointing upward.


Pranic Face Lift ® (PFL) is known to easily and safely use the techniques of Pranic Healing® to help remove the stress, tension and traumas embedded in the face and body causing wrinkles and pre-mature aging.


It is a non invasive and no touch procedure which needs to be repeated in order to obtain continuous results.


The technique is based on the utilisation of the universal life energy (prana) applied by means of a crystal to the face so that it becomes more supple, smooth, and thereby making it look more youthful and healthy


After the treatment recipients usually feel more relaxed and energised too.


The recipient can either sit or lie down and the treatment lasts about an hour.




Please watch the news clip and the article by MD G Mendoza under “Resources”