I am having weekly Pranic Face Lift (PFL) treatments via Zoom.



After the second session, I could feel a big change on the emotional level.


I felt lighter and much better than I have felt for a long time.


The lightness has lasted, my outlook on life is more positive and I feel more motivated.


Some of the finer wrinkles have also improved after three sessions only, which of course further adds to my felling so much better.


I am very grateful for Patrizia's treatments!










" I feel like a completely different person!


Before I started my Pranic healing sessions I was really struggling with anxiety.


After almost 10 years of talking therapies and various other appointments,


I did not think I would ever be liberated from the emotional weight I felt inside.


This trapped negativity led to a build-up of multiple physical issues, from IBS and headaches to Lichen Planus.


It was at this point I decided to have Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy.


From the first session I felt better.


After each session, I feel a deep sense of calm and relaxation, and as the sessions have continued, I feel a greater sense of clarity.


Compared to when I first started treatment I feel like a completely different person.


I feel light, positive, motivated and my physical issues are improving as well.


Things in my life have started changing for the better too.


It's as though a huge plug has been pulled and the water is running as it should."











"I was going to spend my holiday under the same roof with some family members I had been having problems with since my childhood.


With the idea of alleviating the tension, I decided to apply the forgiveness exercise starting several weeks before our family meeting.


When we all met up, I noticed some improvement during the first few days compared to other times we had come together


but then things were getting "stuck" with no further progress.



I therefore reached out to Patrizia asking to help me get rid of any negative emotions/ thoughts/ patterns/ blockages I might have, 


connected to the situation. 



She consequently worked on me with Pranic Psychotherapy and she also addressed and worked on our family dynamics & relationships generally.



Already a few hours after the treatment, I felt better but more surprisingly the mood in the house had improved significantly.  


All family members got on much better whilst the tensions I had with specific people had just disappeared.


We were actually able to spend some real quality time together, something that had never been possible before."


J.B Finance Sector, 2020








"Pranic healing has changed my life in many, marvelous ways.


5 years ago, my life was very difficult and I was in pain: a broken relationship with my family, an unstable housing situation,


my job and finances were a source of ongoing worries. 


Multiple traumatic experiences, which I was unable to handle on my own, manifested on the mental and physical levels.


The pranic healing & pranic psychotherapy sessions supported me and helped me to ease the pain and to bring balance


into my mind, my heart and my soul, thus giving me the required clarity and strength to change many things in my life.



Today I have a dream job that I love, I am about to buy a beautiful home for myself and I now have


a meaningful and peaceful relationship with my family. 



I also would like to mention that I had been suffering, since childhood, from a severe form of allergy to cats,

which could not be relieved by antihistamines.


I am very happy to say that this allergy has gone as well."


A.T. Lawyer, 2020





"Patrizia is not the first healer I've seen, but she stand out as a very powerful and intuitive healer.
I want to say that she is the last I will ever see except she has played a big role in encouraging me to heal myself,
and that has been a beautiful and empowering journey for me.  
While receiving healing in London I was traveling a lot, but Patrizia was always available to talk and to provide healing,
so I always felt supported and in touch.  
Knowing Patrizia and learning from her has propelled me to grow spiritually and as a healer,
and I feel very privileged and grateful to have her in my life." 
Hi Patrizia,

"I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for the huge positive life change I experience every day since the first day I came to you for healing.

 I haven't really known myself at all until now, and this feels like a special journey all the time now though I can't describe it well
and I'm not at all sure where it's going.
And I'm not sure I mind about the destination anymore.

Big thank you!"
"A couple of years ago I fell ill and was told that this illness would follow me for the rest of my life.
I was advised to undertake surgery within 6 months.
The time leading up to the surgery was a blessing as it gave me the chance to best prepare for the intervention.
Through Meditation, Pranic Healing/Psychotherapy sessions, Homeopathy, and with the aid of Natural remedies, Nutritional advise & Coaching,
I was able to stabilize my condition.
Patrizia taught me many techniques on how to reduce stress, lead a healthier lifestyle and become more balanced on all levels.
I was given the opportunity to get stronger, understand the possible causes of my illness and work on them.
Through Master Choa Kok Sui's teachings, I then also learned the Pranic Healing techniques myself in order to do self- healing and,
most importantly, to take full responsibility for my well-being.
Meditation helps me connect to a higher source whilst teaching me to let go and have faith. 
The surgery was a success and I am convinced Pranic Healing and meditation have helped me develop & grow & become stronger.
I will continue to do so going forward as it is definitely part of my way of life now."
P.H. Banking sector






“ The meditation and the healing, during the monthly group meeting, were both lovely and very powerful.


It's suitable for both people who have been meditating or working with energy for a while and those completely new to it all.


Patrizia was very warm and welcoming and it felt like a very safe, positive space.


I would definitely recommend going along and trying this group. "


Sarah-Jane,  Children's Party Entertainer








"I really enjoyed the Basic Pranic Healing Course.


 It was my first introduction to energy medicine and I am excited about trying this and seeing the results for myself.


The course was very well-taught and each student received individual attention.


Patrizia is extremely approachable and explains the concepts very clearly.


I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in learning energy healing."


Dr  Nair 






"I attended the Pranic Healing Course Level 1 last weekend and found it both life affirming and life changing.


The teaching was inspirational and I was surprised to learn so much in such a short time.


The course removed a lot of my blockages and preconceptions and I was amazed


that I felt empowered to practice this great healing technique after one short course.


It opened up a new world to me and I would highly recommend it as it is a lifetime investment. "


M.H. - Legal sector







Testimonial in the Natural Health Magazine (October 2011 )






"I was trying to recover from a bereavement and a deep trauma.


For years I found it extremely difficult to look at the future in a positive way and I felt like I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel.


I was constantly dwelling on the past and found it very difficult to shake off the sadness and the feeling of guilt.

By using a combination of Homoeopathic remedies & Pranic Healing sessions,


Patrizia succeeded in breaking this pattern of negative thoughts and led me to a new, optimistic vision of life.


Thanks to her ability to keep me focused on the healing process I was able to improve physically, mentally and emotionally.

It was as if a huge weight had been lifted from my chest.


I feel positive now, filled with new energy and aware that the future still holds something good for me!"

V.G. - Sales Administrator








"As a coach and healer who is focused on helping others, we often forget to think about ourselves.


Patrizia has an innate ability to see the problems we don’t see, to clear them with her Pranic Healing Treatment


to help you find the peace and feel like a butterfly again.


   Pranic healing gives you a wonderful opportunity to switch off from the busy mind, the outside world and


                                                         allows the body to rest whilst receiving the healing.                                                         


Everyone should have a pranic healer! "


S.P. - Transformational & Business Coach